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7 unexpected things you might not Know about me... but should

The listicle as bio.

1. I wrote a book. It was a collection of short stories called Easy for You and published by Simon and Schuster.

2. Booklist had this to say about it: "Rouss’ wise, ironic stories are refreshingly sincere, offbeat, sad, and free of Hollywood stereotypes, introducing a young, perceptive writer who can see through the shiny surface, into the human heart." 

3. Later, I wrote another book. A children's one. Maybe you've heard of it? The Watermelon in the Sukkah. I'm pretty sure it sold more copies than the collection of stories. 

4. One of the first celebrities I interviewed was Engelbert Humperdinck. This was when he was living in Jayne Mansfield's Pink Palace, so it was a very long time ago. 

5. I have also interviewed Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Kelly Clarkson — and Kim Kardashian's markup artist. 

6. I was briefly a regular on the radio show Micky Dolenz in the Morning. It was hosted by Micky (as in, one of The Monkees) himself. 

7. I'm something of an amateur animal wrangler. To wit: I was the on-set dog trainer for this shoot. Of course, the animal featured is my own, but the process still required a fair amount of coaxing and strategically placed peanut butter.