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"8 Things Never to Say at Thanksgiving Dinner" (GLO)

8 things never to say at thanksgiving dinner (preview)
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By Shannan Rouss

For lots of families, Turkey Day isn't Turkey Day unless there’s drama. This year, to make sure no one storms off before the table's been cleared, here are eight things you should never say during Thanksgiving dinner.

1. "Do you know what they do to the turkey before it's slaughtered?"
We're not saying that you don't have a valid point to make, but bringing this up just as Dad's about to carve the turkey might, er, ruffle some feathers.

2. "I'm thankful that after Tom's affair, he and I were able to work through our issues and move forward."
This is not the time to air past grievances or throw anyone under the bus, even if you're amongst family (especially if you're amongst family).