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"13 Things Men Still Don't Know About Women" (GLO)

13 things men still don't know about women (preview)
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By Shannan Rouss

Men and women have come a long way in understanding one another, but there remain certain essential female truths that guys have yet to fully grasp. To help move us forward, we're putting it all out there and revealing 13 things that men still may not know about women—but should.

1. Sometimes, we'd rather sleep alone: We don't always want to be held. Occasionally, we just want to go home, or for you to go home, depending on the circumstances. It could be that we have to get up really early the next morning, or that we forgot our contact lens solution, or that your mattress is lumpy—in which case, it might be time for a new mattress.

2. We prefer "comfort" bras: Most women have four, maybe five, bras in their weekly rotation. And chances are that none of them is particularly sexy. In fact, they are most often decidedly unsexy, providing what bras are supposed to provide: support. The frilly, lacy undergarments that you're certain women wear all the time? We don't.