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"Signs You're Too Close to Your Pet" (GLO)

signs you're too close to your pet (preview)
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By Shannan Rouss

First, a disclaimer: We love animals. We own them or know people who do. And we think they deserve affection in bundles. But sometimes that affection can cross the line from cute to high-functioning crazy. Here are eight tell-tail signs that you may be a little too close to your pet.

1. Your pet is on Facebook—and has more friends than you do. While social media welcomes four-legged friends (see Dogbook), posting updates in the voice of your pooch (Just back from the dog park—good times!) is somewhat troubling.

2. You refer to another animal as your pet's boyfriend or girlfriend. Playdates are fine; date-dates are not.

3. Someone has actually said to you, "It's me or the dog." If it comes to this, then dog help you.