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"What To Do When Your Friend Is Better Than You" (COSMOPOLITAN)

What to do When Your Best friend is better than you

The movie is real — I was the DUFF.

By Shannan Rouss

I mean no offense to Karlie or Cara when I say, I wouldn't want to be your friend. I'm sure they're delightful. It's just that I'd always feel like the Judy Greer to their Jennifer Garner, Katherine Heigl, or J.Lo.

If you ask most women what they look for in a new friend, they'll likely describe someone down-to-earth, funny, and who they can be themselves in front of. That's only part of the story. Just like attractiveness plays a part in romantic relationships, research suggests it also plays a part in friendships—even if most of us are unaware or unwilling to admit it.

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