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"The Warning sign pregnant women shouldn't ignore" (msn.com)

The itch often strikes your hands and feet. But it can occur all over—affecting your arms, your legs, even your scalp. And the urge to scratch can be so intense that it keeps you up at night.

That’s what happened to Christina DePino, 28. A few months into her pregnancy, her skin was scabbed and bleeding from all the scratching, she told CBS News.

DePino says she initially attributed the itching to her skin stretching from pregnancy, as well as her recent move to a drier climate, from Louisiana to Michigan. But after venting about the issue on Facebook, friends came up with a possible cause: intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP).

"Stay-at-home dads do Way less than moms" (msn.com)

We completely support stay-at-home dads and know how tough their gig can be, but if these fathers are anything like their Australian counterparts, they may be slacking on the job, reports The Guardian.

According to research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS), stay-at-home dads actually spent less time taking care of the kids than working moms. The at-home dads dedicated an average of 19 hours to childcare per week, compared to 21 hours for working moms—on top of the 35 hours per week they were already spending at the office.

"What to eat and what to avoid to cut your cancer risk" (nbcnews.com)

When it comes to the question of whether you'll get cancer, it often seems that your fate is a mysterious combination of factors beyond your control. We all know someone who smoked, drank and ate bacon every day yet escaped a diagnosis. And far more disheartening, we also know people who lived a virtuously healthy life only to develop the disease. Add to that the confusion over what actually is the right way to avoid the Big C. In fact, three in four people believe there are so many recommendations about preventing breast, colon, lung and other cancers that it's hard to know which guidelines to follow.