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"10 Things men still don't know about women" (glo.msn.com)

Men and women have come a long way in understanding one another, but there remain certain essential female truths that guys have yet to fully grasp. To help move us forward, we're putting it all out there and revealing 13 things that men still may not know about women—but should.

1. We will judge you—and ourselves—by the women you dated before us. We will look them up on Facebook and scrutinize their photos. If they are cheesy, we'll feel better about ourselves but question your judgment. If they are tall and thin and doing humanitarian work in the Sudan, we'll wonder what you see in us.

2. We always want half of your dessert. Even if we say we're not hungry, couldn't eat another thing, no way no how, when we say that we just want a taste what we really mean is "I'll take half."

3.  We expect a card with the present. Yes, we are grateful for the gift, but without a card it sort of feels half-hearted. If you're not good with words, then take more than 30 seconds to choose a card that gets the sentiment right.

4. Sometimes we're in a bad mood just because. It's not "that time of the month," so don't ask. Our feelings are complicated and not completely subject to our hormones.

5. No two of us are the same. We don't all love to shop, drink cosmos and watch romantic comedies. While some men think that "you know one woman, you know them all," each woman has her own unique history and habits, her own endearing quirks and idiosyncrasies. Embrace them!


"Signs you're too close to your pet" (glo.msn.com) 

First, a disclaimer: We love animals. We own them or know people who do. And we think they deserve affection in bundles. But sometimes that affection can cross the line from cute to high-functioning crazy. Here are eight tell-tail signs that you may be a little too close to your pet.

1. You invite friends to celebrate your pet’s birthday. It’s one thing to buy your dog a bone for the occasion; it’s quite another to subject pals to a full-on Fido fete.

2. Your pet is on Facebook.
And has more friends than you do. While social media welcomes four-legged friends (see Dogbook), posting updates in the voice of your pooch (Just back from the dog park — good times!) is somewhat troubling.

3. You refer to another animal as your pet’s boyfriend or girlfriend. 
Playdates are fine; date-dates are not.

4. Someone has actually said to you, “It’s me or the dog.” 
If it comes to this, then dog help you.

5. You leave your estate to your pet. 
Animals don’t need mansions, drivers or family heirlooms. They will accept treats, though.


"19 Best things about 1993" (glo.msn.com)

What a difference 20 years make. Take a look back at our favorite memories from 1993. 

1. Getting Our Own "Line"
Finally, no more interruptions from Mom or Dad in the middle of a very important call. Gawd!

2. Three-Way Calling
Like you never called a boy while your friend silently listened in.

3. Hanging Out at the Mall
Benetton, The Limited, Gap... shop till you drop, indeed.

4. Eating at Cinnabon
It's hard to believe that there was a time when our metabolisms made light work of 1,000 calories.